Villanova Soccer

I want to personally thank the Villanova Soccer team for not hurting me, enough said!

The Pittsburgh Kid

“When he let his guard down, that’s when I got the shot”

These Images are from a re-branding project I did for Paul Spadafora.  a.k.a.  The Pittsburgh Kid.  The pre-production on a shoot like this is key.  Many hours are dedicated to the details of the shoot way before I snap the first frame.  On the day of the shoot and all is in place, this when the magic happens.  As much as I try to stick to my previous ideas, I tend to use them more as a guide and a checklist.  This gives me the flexibility to let the serendipity of the moment take hold.  By working through the creative process, new ideas emerge, new angles are are coming into focus for me.  This is key.  These are the images that I came to get…  The ones you won’t find in a layout.



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The Real Deal

Loved working on this shoot for Consol Energy.  I awalys prefer to use real people.  In this case, real miners. There are several big advantages that come to mind.  One- They didn’t even flinch when we started to rub coal and dirt on their faces.  Two- You can see it in their eyes.  Three- They were so happy and proud to be involved in this project and that always shows in the end product.


These guys are good!

These guys ARE good! While I was shooting Zack Johnson and Kyle Stanley for an Ad campaign, I placed myself right in harms way to get the correct vantage point in order to get “THE” shot. At one point I was set up directly in front of the golfers with a 200mm lens. The idea of the shot was to get them driving the ball right over my head, without taking my head off. (Now if these guys were my golf buddies, I would have been dead or at least in the hospital.) The interesting part of this was after I was done shooting. I got up to look behind me to see where all the balls went. And I was absolutely amazed! One- how far they were hit and Two- what a tight grouping the balls were hit in. Just amazing talent.